Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"Good things come to those who wait is an English phrase propounding the virtue of patience. "
Weekends on the lake bring sailboats from all around southern New Brunswick. They sail up the Saint John River to race or just to linger in the harbors, soaking up the summer sun. This pretty boat anchored in the center of the lake in front of our place on Sunday afternoon ~ a tranquil spot on a lazy August afternoon. We spent the day poking around, barbequed and did a little stargazing after dark...a really nice day.
And then, on Monday, all the crews arrived, the machines moved in and the digging began...FINALLY!

What an amazing sight ~ the old cottage loaded on a flatbed trailer!
The first scoop :)
The end of Day 1 ~ the old foundation cleared away, new septic system installed and the hole for the new foundation is started ~ yay!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Front Page for Etsy Project Embrace!

First day of school ~ vintage style!
It's been a while since one of my treasuries made the front page and I'm thrilled this one was linked to Etsy Project Embrace and featured several participating shops and artists!
Congratulations to everyone!
Just click on the treasury to link to all items included in EPE.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Sweetheart Hoops

You know when that tingle...that beckoning voice that nudges you back to your worktable after dozens of summery lazy days...well, mine has been shouting "GET TO WORK!!! AUTUMN IS ALMOST HERE AND SOON IT'LL BE CHRISTMAS!!!!!" for a couple of weeks now. I finally set up a table in our summer 'cottage' that I don't have to tidy up every day and have settled down to a couple of wonderful, productive days of creating, photgraphing and really enjoying myself!
I've been experimenting with different metals and patinas on sterling silver. These hoops turned the prettiest combination of copper, grey, bronze and shades of deep blue ~ perfect for autumn and to complement my favorite little czech hearts!
There are several new designs to come! Drop by Wild Woman Jewelry and see what's new! Settle down, little voice!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Abracadabra! well, not quite...

For the last several weeks, I've been wishing I could wave a magic wand or wiggle my nose or cast a spell that would begin 'The Move'... and yet all things happen in their own good time. Ah, yes. The Snuff and his band of merry men have been here for several days and have made great progress as you can see. They carried in a rather monstrous pneumatic -new word for me meaning air pressure :)- jack and raised each corner a bit at a time. It soon became clear to all that the addition on the far side of the cottage would have to be separated to facilitate the move and that they did ~ just sliced it off! Now, I'm telling you, this group of men had patience beyond measure (it took TWO full days!) as they inched the main building around by 90 degrees and tucked it in beside our garage (where we are presently residing!). These photos show the before, during and after ~

The flatbed trailer is arriving to today to carry it all up the road to its new home.

Looks like there's room for a new cottage! Stay tuned!

Friday, August 7, 2009

w i s h

So, I've been somewhat neglectful of my blog this visiting, days at the beach and cottage...totally fun and relaxing! Two pieces of great news yesterday however ~ first, the Snuff appeared and work on moving the cottage has officially begun! yahooooo! I'll post some photos of the adventure this weekend. It's quite a process, one I found difficult to imagine until seeing it happen!
And second, my photo, w i s h, was chosen for this week's Etsy Finds article in the Storque! another yahoooo!