Friday, May 29, 2015

Life in the Tropics ~ Ethel's Hawaiian Adventure 2015

This is embarrassing.
Many of you know we took our kitty with us to Maui this year and have asked how she made out. Here are a few photos from her Hawaiian Adventure 2015 so you can see for yourself!

These look good enough to eat - can I eat them?

Was that a gecko? I saw a gecko! Can I eat geckos?

Mealtime entertainment. I know she's on the island - don't judge me.

Is that a bunny? I saw a bunny! That's a bunny! Can I eat bunnies?

Dear Cat Behavior Specialist,
My cat seems stressed - how can I help her learn to relax?
Thank you.
Worried Ethel's Mom

Dear Diary,
The birds outside the kitchen window - they taunt me. 
The thin barrier the authorities have placed between us
thwarts all attempts I make to befriend them. 
I will go lie under the bed and watch
 my hairballs float past. 
There is some comfort in this.

Rub my belly-- you KNOW you can't resist.

What's your Visa number?

And then she said, 'Mom, I'd like to go to university and study String Theory'.

But, I don't want to go home.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Back to Work!

I was really back to work yesterday - spent a couple of hours at my bench getting warmed up again - no soldering burns or meltdowns! and the rest of the day at my desk finishing earrings, organizing, tagging and editing listings...ready to photo some new pieces today!
The shop is OPEN!
There are almost 300 pieces on SALE, 40% off! It's a great time to stock up on gifts and little treats just for you - come see!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Drumroll, please.....

Wild Woman reopens May 15! YAY!
To celebrate and make room for new stock, SAVE 40% on over 275 pieces - a perfect opportunity to get your jewelry wardrobe ready for SUMMER!
Mark your calendar and come see!