Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Craft Show Preparedness Psychosis'

I suffer from a very specific syndrome - it's called 'Craft Show Preparedness Psychosis'.  Over the years, I've planned, set up for and participated in many art and craft shows.  I've made lists, created inventory, cleaned my inventory, designed my booth, packed, unpacked and packed again, tagged and priced hundreds of pieces, set up, taken down and enjoyed it too.  You'd think I would be well rehearsed for it all but, I'm STILL terrified I will forget something! The only remedy I've found that eases the worry is to completely set up my booth in our basement first and then disassemble and pack it for the car from there. Then I KNOW I have everything! 

So, for the last two weeks, I've spent time everyday preparing.  I set up the tables, lighting and signage as they will be at the show and as I select the pieces I will bring, they are cleaned, inspected, packaged, tagged, priced and arranged. I have a small table for myself where I manage sales, packaging and projects I'm working on at the show and I set that up too. Then I take photos of the 'whole shebang' so I know where everything goes and I'm all ready.  It's alot of work but the upside of this is twofold - I will have everything I need so I will sleep between now and the show AND set up at the show is a piece of cake! Everything is already figured out :) The only things left to add are the fabric to cover the tables and put up my banner.

I'm almost ready - here are a few pics!

Monday, September 21, 2015

New Ornaments for the Fall Show!

 Rustic and romantic jute and artisan yarn hearts and balls will be new additions to Wild Woman's ornament collections at the Fredericton Fall Craft Show October 2-4 at the Capital Exhibit Center on Symthe Street. Anyone looking for my beaded stars will find lots along with some additional colors and shapes!

 Come on down!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Biker Chick, Road Trip and Winery Tour, 2nd Edition

After a fun and successful adventure to a winery in the east of the province, we decided to explore more of New Brunswick's delicious offerings! Inviting a couple more friends to join us, we headed to Mott's Winery on the Washademoak Lake near Cambridge Narrows.  It was an absolutely gorgeous drive on a beautiful sunny Saturday.  Enjoying the breeze, the open road, and the fragrance of cedar, pine and roses along the road are some of the things I am enjoying the most about our bike trips - the helmet hair, not so much!  

Arriving - they have a lovely small tasting room, expansive property
and a stunning view looking down over the vineyard with the lake in th background!

We sampled several varieties and came home with the bike paniers
packed with our favorites.  One of the lovely benefits of these visits has been
being able to purchase local wines that I know I like both at the wineries and
conveniently in our supermarket.


Several varieties of jelly are also made there - we purchased this Sweet Chipotle
which was delicious with a bit of cream cheese on a cracker.  Our friends selected
a Fig variety which was sweeter and also yummy!

Very sophisticated :)

On the road along the Washademoak.

The ferry crossing the Saint John River at Gagetown.

The Gang
If the weather is nice on Saturday, I think we're travelling to St. Andrews - I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

From My Bench ~ Turning to Autumn

While the late summer weather has been simply fabulous this month, the mornings are cool, there is mist on the lake when I get up and I picked three red and yellow maple leaves from the ground yesterday.  

After weeks of lovely summer days, it's beginning to feel like 'cosy-in' and getting 'back to work' - both delicious! 

This week I've been madly productive! I'm working on a new autumn inspired 
collection ~ Falling Leaves ~ and feeling LOVE for these sweet pewter  leafy charms in silver and gold finish.  

Also on my plate are production and booth design for an upcoming local show and preparation for the busy holiday season - I'm excited!

Here's a preview of many of the new pieces I'm working on listing in the shop! 
Happy Autumn!

antiqued oak leaves on gold fill earwires

a collage of open leaves, stamped leaves and silver fern fronds

beautiful detailed silver ferns on square sterling silver wires

brand new this week in silver and gold
(thank you to these two beautiful girls who make lovely models!)

open leaves in gold

pretty silver maple leaves and others styled with a colorful scarf

delicate little gold oak leaves

a collage of etched leafy discs, maple and gorgeous gold fronds

one of my favorites ~ detailed textured silver maples

all NEW!

...and romantic too!