Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Canada Post Update

Unfortunately, the dispute at Canada Post remains unresolved. Canada Post has issued a notice to employees that they will be changing the terms of employment beginning Friday, July 8. This will likely result in a strike or lock out. If so, any mail already in the system will remain there until resolution is achieved.
My last shipping date through Canada Post, before the 8th will be Wednesday, July 6. Wild Woman will remain open and I will continue to contact customers individually to achieve the most satisfactory options for each person. If a strike occurs, Courier shipping will be available in Canada and the US for an additional fee. Quotes are available upon request.
I will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they are available. Hopefully, resolution will be quickly achieved with minimal disruption and delays. I regret this inconvenience to my customers and hope you will contact me with any questions or concerns. My thanks to all of you who have already been most patient and understanding!