Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Joe's Diner

I'm a retro-mod kinda girl (today, anyway). What little amount of time I've devoted to creating designs in the last few weeks has resulted in several new pieces with a definite trend.
On an early July vacation in Maine, I visited the sweetest little vintage shops. The back room in the old house where one of them was located had been entirely 'decorated' with displays of 50's finds~ chome legged tables, vinyl chairs, colorful tableware and a wonderful collection of dial telephones in turquoise, red and other mod colors. I must say, my squeal of delight at the sight of them brought my husband running (I've been known to knock over entire displays poking among the bits and he was coming to my rescue...)
but, I digress... these phones and that time period are the inspiration for this latest 'bunch' of turquoise and reds. Enjoy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's blooming today?

Early July is my favorite time in the garden~ everything is still fresh, full of fabulous color and simply gorgeous! Enjoy!
~ sweet honeysuckle blooms by Esmerelda's house (she's our garden fairy!)
~pretty pale pink dahlias in the porch window boxes
~ deep pink Asiatic lilies that are at least 15 years old- I transplanted them this spring and thought they may need a year to recover, but, here they are!
~ wild orange daylilies are throughout my garden

~ the snow-on-the-mountain is past blooming, but I love the seed head left behind!

~ old fashioned pale yellow single hollyhocks, the perfect flower for a cottage garden

~ Brown-eyed Susans sew themselves everywhere!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Come celebrate Canada's 143rd Birthday with these talented Canadian Artists!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Canada Day Wool Acorns by SewnNatural

Little Flared Dress by JRoseAtelier

Blossom Ring by saralagace

KnitKnot Bag by EveldasNeverland

*** Click here or on the Canadian Flag above to visit my Happy Canada Day treasury featuring these and many other Canadian artists.