Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain, Computer Meltdown and New Work!

 Add a new computer (I nearly lost my entire hard drive...but it's been rescued by my most talented, patient husband!) and several days of rain, and I've had a wonderfully productive week in the studio! Drop by the shop to see what's NEW!  And don't forget, there are over 100 pieces that are in limited supply and are discontinued ON SALE now!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Bit of Gardening, in Spite of the Rain!

 ...well, I've been dashing between the raindrops this week trying to get a few of my planters filled.  It's been raining practically non-stop for over a week!! On the positive side, no sunburns and no extra watering required!  I have a great collection of tin planters I've gathered over the last 10 years or so -- they are dented and kinda rusty in places but I Love their weathered personalities.  My flower color selection this year includes lots of orange and peach, white, green and a pop or two of pink.  I have three or four more tins to plant but these add a much needed bit of color this week. Here are a few shots of the front door and porches, the flower boxes on the garage and my favorite gerbera daisies -- fingers crossed for a ray or two of sunshine SOON!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Metalwork Rings Now Available at WILD WOMAN!

 The. tools. have. arrived. 
And I've been gloriously busy all week! 
I'll post some photos of the workbench soon but in the meantime,
here are a couple of rings I've created (for myself..hehehe)
and are available in the shop today!
Also new is this set of 3 mixed metal stacking rings in sterling, copper and brass -- I love their little silver droplets that I made with recycled sterling.  They are available in oxidized or shiny finish and are also pretty in a stack with shiny sterling skinnies - I'm wearing mine right now!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Excitedly Waiting for New Tools...

I want to cereal for lunch and am not ready for bed til the middle of the night but we are officially back in Canada and adjusting to the 7 hour time change.  In many ways, it's good to be home and back to work (even if it is at odd hours!).  I've been planning improvements and additions to my workbench, ordering new tools and materials and am so ready to get started using some of my new metalworking skills.  Many of my new toys have arrived but I'm still waiting for the main parcel of equipment, including my flexshaft, disc cutters, soldering supplies and a new torch!!!
Today, to distract myself from the waiting (and to get some work done too), I decided to make some new earrings.  The shop is getting restocked with new and returning items and I made a few of each today. I needed to revamp my oxidizing station so that happened as well! These photos show my set up  - which is also my laundry room.  I love the natural light in this room - it has two large windows - which is also helpful for the smell of the liver of sulfur...good ventilation is absolutely necessary!

Then, I headed for my workbench. It needed a serious re- working to make room for the new tools and equipment and to better utilize my work space.  Because it's in the basement and there is no natural light, the top got a coat of bright green paint to add some color - I plan to spend a fair bit of time here and want it to feel happy and fun! A second little desk (don't you just love this vintage enamel table top?) means I can keep an eye on the shop without running up and down stairs all day (although the exercise wouldn't kill me :).  Looking at these photos, I can see that I'm a bit of a clutterbug in this room!  So, maybe those tools will arrive tomorrow...fingers crossed!  Otherwise, who knows what will get organized next!