Saturday, August 24, 2013

Expanding My Skills - Enameling Metal

 Color on metal...a perfect mix for me! Enameling copper and silver to create earrings and other pieces has been a skill to learn on my list of new things to try for quite a while.  I mean, look at those colors ------------>                  
Who could resist?!
I signed up for a three day course at our local college art college in early July but the class was cancelled. I was so disappointed...but then decided to jump right in and teach myself. Several books and videos later, and here I am - ready to go!
I decided to begin with some simple but elegant domed copper disc earrings.  After cutting the discs from a copper sheet, I've domed them with my trusty brass hammer and dapping tool. Next, I drilled holes at the top of each disc for the earwires.
Sanding and polishing the edges and holes finishes the discs. Next, a layer of adhesive to help the glass adhere to the copper is brushed on each disc. The enameling process involves fusing powdered glass to metal using heat.
Several thin layers of enamel are applied and heated one at a time to achieve lovely color and a smooth coat of glass - I LOVE this stage, watching the color build and melt into such a pretty finish!
A final polishing and handmade earwires finish these pretty earrings! I've made several pairs this week and am listing them in the shop over the next couple of days - come on by and have a look!
Happy Weekend!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Leaf Chaser

It's been a busy couple of weeks with lots of visits from family and friends - loads of fun but not much work :)
I did manage one new ring this week - leaf stamped sterling silver with a pretty autumn yellow glass focal point - which is available in the shop.
Stay tuned for a few more stamped rings in the next week or so!
Happy Saturday :)