Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to live at the beach

It's been a foggy with bits of sunshine Saturday morning here at our cottage. I've just been poking, writing, a little photography, making a treasury. During the summer months, a local group hosts a homemade county breakfast at the community hall down the road. We went down this morning for the first one of the summer ~ delicious! I settled in our front window when we returned where I have books and bits and picked up my copy of this little book, 'how to live at the beach' by Sandy Gingras. This little 'manual of beachiness' reminds me frequently of the important things in life as it did again this morning. I've included photos of a few pages below to share a sense of her message ~ harmony, happiness and simplicity. She has a whole host of these wonderful books and cards available at Down the Shore Publishing. Somehow...the foggy morning, the poking around, the local breakfast all tied in with this lovely little book. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ La Pomme are wandering along a narrow tree shaded street in a village in the south of France. Lined with character-filled buildings and shops, you spy among them a wee shopfront with a gently peeling painted white wooden door. Irresistably drawn to it, you open the door, peer inside...and what do your eyes behold? A wonderland of soft vintage lace and fabrics, nature-inspired embroidery, and delightful creations that simply ooze comfort, light, softness and balm for your inner child!
This was my experience entering LaPomme on etsy! Apol's comfy, softly colored home decor items (pillows, flowers, sleep angels, sachets) and her Fairytale Plushies for grown ups are perfectly wonderful ~ and, I love the stories that accompany each creation. Many of them will make you giggle!
Exloring La Pomme further, I discovered La Pomme Stories, Apol's second shop where her original stories are collaged into embroidered fabric books and cards...her stories are lovely and inspiring and are 'illustrated' in her unique style.

An Old Pair of Scissors

LuLu Leloup

Why don't you take a walk down that street and peer in her door as well...


Monday, May 25, 2009

p.s. Meet Little Brown Squirrel

Little Brown Squirrel is convinced she owns our cottage and the neighbour's cottage and the general vicinity of all the surrounding cottages and property. She sits on our barbeque or in the apple tree and scolds us unmercifully if we tread upon her territory! She is wee and charming and harmless ~ and I love her confidence and spirit!

What's Blooming Today? Apple Blossoms!

I planted this apple tree in the front yard at our cottage in 1988 ~ a tiny branch I unceremoniously tugged from the roots of a large tree on the beach. Today, at almost 20 feet tall, it shades our front porch and is a playground for dozens of bees, bluejays, yellow finches and chickadees...not to mention the chipmunks and Little Brown Squirrel. It is in full, glorious bloom this weekend ~ fuzzy blue-green leaves, sweet pink and white flowers and a fragrance that makes a person (me!) come to a full stop and just breathe!

There is some risk that we will lose this lovely tree when we dig the foundation for our new cottage this, I am particularly enjoying it's sweetness right now. And, I will be standing guard when that excavator arrives!

Also blooming this week, are the late daffodils (I love the peachy trumpet!), hot pink tulips and the lilacs are beginning (more on them next week!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Hoops!

Check out some new hoops I listed in my etsy shop this week! I've been spending so much time in the garden, all else has been on the back burner, I'm attending to Wild Woman business! I LOVE the teal and red mix in the earrings above. They are the only pair unless I can find some more of these pretty matte red lucite beads. The white and seafoam green are a cool classic for summer!


Recently I discovered Picasa, free software used to manipulate and work with photos. Maybe I've been living on another planet but I have never encountered it before and it is absolutely amazing! It's been so much fun, I've made new banners for both my Esty and Zibbet shops....hmmmmm....maybe a new photo for 'reserved' items...and a new gift certificate...between 'fixing' my photos and making treasuries and keeping the shops current, my husband thinks the computer is just another of my very attractive (I must say) body parts...(heeheeehehe) Happy Friday all....have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Decorate the Diva

Decorate the Diva is a jewelry shop full of cheerful fun and a wonderful mix of styles for every mood of your inner (or outer) Diva! Renee's unique style ranges from bold and bright to soft and romantic without even blinking an eye. I love her 'go for it' attitude and her determination to decorate every diva in her path! Her shop has long been one of my favorites and Renee herself is talented and a great and generous Etsy friend! Please visit her shop and enjoy her fabulous pieces!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What's Blooming Today? Bleeding Heart!

Saturday dawned bright, warm and sunny! I headed straight for the garden...oh, I had tidy, weed, edge and compost the entire place by late afternoon. Ah...yeah...when I looked up, around 4pm, it seemed the day had been spent in the two new beds I dug last fall. I've named it the Oak Garden ~ for a 125 year old oak we had to cut down last summer and whose huge, gnarled, beautiful stump is anchoring the trellis arbor at the back of the new garden. I moved several plants (daylilies, brown-eyed susans, lily of the valley, cranesbill and snow on the mountain) from the old beds and settled them in their new home. My niece, Sophie, donned her gardening gloves and assisted for a short time, digging for worms and transporting them to where I was working ~ very helpful!
I usually supplement the soil with composted sheep manure but used leaf compost this year instead. It is a deep, rich brown ~ beautiful stuff!
It poured rain on Sunday and I'm home today, so not much else was done ~ the messy garden shed and the rest of the garden (which is most of it!) still need alot of love. Maybe tomorrow...
I took a few photos this morning ~ my white bleeding heart is is the fairy wings plant at Esmerelda's doorstep, an old fashioned pink bleeding heart with fernlike leaves, and chives ready to burst! I've visited many old barnyards with waves of solomon's seal blooming along the old boards...and have long wanted a patch of my own. I finally do! The false cherry tree in the center of the garden is also in full bloom. An old leather and wood trunk I found at my mother's house has been tucked into a back corner ~ I may fill it with annuals or just leave it...not sure yet!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award...

Well... I've been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by the lovely Kerrin of Sigmosaics from her wonderful blog! Now I need to list 7 things I love and then name 7 more people who I think deserve this award (get ready)!!! I'm not sure how I will narrow it to 7 (in either category!) but here goes...
1. I love my wonderful husband....and can I include my nieces, nephews, friends and family here?!?
2. I love color, visual balance, detail ~ while making jewelry, creating a beautiful table setting, a flower arrangment, decorating a room...
3. I love words, quotes and stories, reading and books.
4. I love to organize and arrange make pretty and pleasing...
5. I love my garden, garden junk, vintage stuff with a story and well worn appearance...
6. I love photography ~ playing with light and color!
7. I love to travel, see new things and places...
and NOW, the Kreativ Blogger Award goes to
Enjoy their amazing blogs!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Artisan Studio ~ Clinton, Tennessee

The Artisan Studio is located in the historic town of Clinton, Tennessee, an area known for the historic Appalachian culture of arts, crafts and antiques. Located on Market Street, the studio offers local music, artists exhibits, food and horse drawn wagon rides monthly. It is my pleasure to be working with Faith, the owner and to offer my jewelry available in her fabulous shop.
Please drop in if you are in the area!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ jessjamesjake

I have always been a collector of what my friends and I affectionately call 'r-ow' (pronounce like 'ow' if you pinched your finger and add an 'r'). Some of my happiest moments have occurred in a vintage or antique shop and I've happened upon that perfect piece, slightly loved and telling a story...Jess, from JessJamesJake, has created such a place filled with treasures that make my heart go pitter-pat! I especially love her collections of vintage housewares, luggage and kid's stuff (like these little blocks)...I remember many of these items from my own childhood ~ Yikes! Please, check out her wonderful shop...and maybe take a trip down memory lane as well!

1940's Kelly Green Umbrella

Check out this fantastic selection of vintage luggage, clothing, housewares and kid's stuff...I HAD one of those Easy Bake ovens in that exact color!

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's Blooming Today? Checkerboard Fritillaria!

"Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished."
~ Lao Tzu

Hanging like tiny lanterns in one corner of my garden, they are checkboards of purple and pink, or lime green and white. What games to do they inspire the fairies play?


Just as we were leaving the cottage yesterday, I caught a glimpse of my grape hyacinth and miniature daffodils swaying in the breeze. Knowing they will most likely be 'done' by next weekend, I scurried to pick a wee bouquet to bring home. Each little hyacinth bell is wearing a frilly white petticoat! Here they are in a little jam jar on the kitchen windowsill, this morning's early sunlight streaming through...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ranunculus Treasuries...

Here they are ~ there were sooooo many pretty items in these colors I had to make two!!! Hopefully, I'll have one in the main treasury today! Either way, I had fun making BOTH of these...thanks to the talented artists for making these delightful pieces!
Rats!!!! missed the one!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Face!

I spent most of Monday in my garden joyfully weeding, cutting, clearing and planting. I put away the sled and other assorted Christmas decorations from our front porch and planted these sweet pansies and absolutely gorgeous ranunculus in some little pots and an old wood and metal wrapped barrel. The profuse rounds of petals and soft pinks and yellows please my eye and soul immensely! I think I feel a treasury coming on! Here are some photos...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Xenotees

Xenotees is my favorite Tshirt shop on Etsy!
Noelle's original designs (from giant forks and chromosomes to a wheel of animal names and a pet lobster out for a walk!) are screenprinted on these stylish and comfortable tees, tanks and hoodies. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes for men, women and children, they are unique and colorful!
Noelle is an animal lover and donates part of the proceeds from each sale to Flat Iron Wildcats of Philadelphia to help care for the stray cat population in her city.
Drop by her awesome shop, Xenotees, today!
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Her French Pet Lobster tee is fabulous!

ADORABLE describes these children's size Collective Names of Animals tees

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

w i n g s

"A luminescent butterfly gently held in my niece's polka-dot nailpolished, innocent hand...a notedcard perfect for new beginnings, encouragement, thanks..."
At the end of last summer, Sophie, my niece and I were walking the beach at our cottage when this beautiful butterfly landed on her hand and made itself right at home. She held it for several minutes while it sunned and rested it's wings. I had time to take dozens of photographs... the lighting and those little wings were amazing!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Magnificient Monday!

Today is one of those amazing spring days that makes a person (me!) happy to just be alive and here to enjoy it! Our yard a carpet of lush green grass (that already needs to be mowed!)...the birches are sprouting leaf niblets and seed chandeliers dangling in the breeze...the forsythia is a bright blooming yellow against a cloudless pale blue sky...perfect baby lilacs have peeked out of their leaf nests...sunlight is dancing on the river and the robins are singing while they work, building their summer homes! Could it be any better than this?!
It was my plan to get organized after yesterday's craft sale at our local market...but I'm going to get some pansies and head for the garden instead!!!
We had a good day at the first Spring Market Craft Sale! In the past, it's only been held at Christmas. The bright spring weather and so many talented artisans and crafters drew a good crowd. Thanks to everyone who dropped by my booth to have a look, a chat or to make a purchase! You are all much appreciated!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'll Give You Paris... New in my Esty shop!

"...I'd give this world to you, every rock and every stone, every masterpiece in Rome..."
~(from Paris, written by Blair Daly, Gordie Sampson, Troy Verges and performed by Faith Hill)

I haven't been to Paris, yet. I do have a lovely vision of myself lounging in a cafe along the banks of the Seine, sipping coffee and admiring the Eiffel Tower...this bracelet is a tribute to that wish. Visit WildWomanJewelry for the details!

Happy May Day!