Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Face!

I spent most of Monday in my garden joyfully weeding, cutting, clearing and planting. I put away the sled and other assorted Christmas decorations from our front porch and planted these sweet pansies and absolutely gorgeous ranunculus in some little pots and an old wood and metal wrapped barrel. The profuse rounds of petals and soft pinks and yellows please my eye and soul immensely! I think I feel a treasury coming on! Here are some photos...


  1. I sooooo love ranunculas! they are just gorgeous! please post your treasury here so that I may take a peek.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love gardening too.

  3. Gorgeous photos Karon!
    I love ranunculus! I also spent 3 hours in my garden today, what a blast, I sure love digging in the dirt!
    take care & have a great weekend


  4. i just did the same today karon--spent a happy, peaceful, sunny morning weeding, transplanting and trimming and tidying our garden.--the cats came and rolled on the flagstones in the sun and kept me company-- it was wonderful!

    your photos of flowers are beautiful!-- we just planted pansies in our deck planters the other day... aren't they the sweetest?-- and the ranunculus--- oh how magnificent!!!

  5. oh my you have such pretty flowers in your garden! I need to clear space to give mine a huge amount of tender loving care and get more flowers planted .. it's very relaxing isn't it?!

  6. The flowers and the photos are gorgeous! I love being in the garden, it's so peaceful!