Monday, May 25, 2009

p.s. Meet Little Brown Squirrel

Little Brown Squirrel is convinced she owns our cottage and the neighbour's cottage and the general vicinity of all the surrounding cottages and property. She sits on our barbeque or in the apple tree and scolds us unmercifully if we tread upon her territory! She is wee and charming and harmless ~ and I love her confidence and spirit!


  1. our elementary school has a resident squirrel that the kids have nicknamed "billy bob". he has been known to tear into the kids lunch boxes and even their backpacks in search of food.
    a few kids have lost their entire lunch at the paws of this little critter, hee hee.

  2. oh you are lucky to have squirrels and especially fortunate to have such a cute neighbour! beautiful post!

  3. Wow!! How incredibly cute!! You are so lucky!