Monday, May 25, 2009

What's Blooming Today? Apple Blossoms!

I planted this apple tree in the front yard at our cottage in 1988 ~ a tiny branch I unceremoniously tugged from the roots of a large tree on the beach. Today, at almost 20 feet tall, it shades our front porch and is a playground for dozens of bees, bluejays, yellow finches and chickadees...not to mention the chipmunks and Little Brown Squirrel. It is in full, glorious bloom this weekend ~ fuzzy blue-green leaves, sweet pink and white flowers and a fragrance that makes a person (me!) come to a full stop and just breathe!

There is some risk that we will lose this lovely tree when we dig the foundation for our new cottage this, I am particularly enjoying it's sweetness right now. And, I will be standing guard when that excavator arrives!

Also blooming this week, are the late daffodils (I love the peachy trumpet!), hot pink tulips and the lilacs are beginning (more on them next week!)

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