Monday, May 18, 2009

What's Blooming Today? Bleeding Heart!

Saturday dawned bright, warm and sunny! I headed straight for the garden...oh, I had tidy, weed, edge and compost the entire place by late afternoon. Ah...yeah...when I looked up, around 4pm, it seemed the day had been spent in the two new beds I dug last fall. I've named it the Oak Garden ~ for a 125 year old oak we had to cut down last summer and whose huge, gnarled, beautiful stump is anchoring the trellis arbor at the back of the new garden. I moved several plants (daylilies, brown-eyed susans, lily of the valley, cranesbill and snow on the mountain) from the old beds and settled them in their new home. My niece, Sophie, donned her gardening gloves and assisted for a short time, digging for worms and transporting them to where I was working ~ very helpful!
I usually supplement the soil with composted sheep manure but used leaf compost this year instead. It is a deep, rich brown ~ beautiful stuff!
It poured rain on Sunday and I'm home today, so not much else was done ~ the messy garden shed and the rest of the garden (which is most of it!) still need alot of love. Maybe tomorrow...
I took a few photos this morning ~ my white bleeding heart is is the fairy wings plant at Esmerelda's doorstep, an old fashioned pink bleeding heart with fernlike leaves, and chives ready to burst! I've visited many old barnyards with waves of solomon's seal blooming along the old boards...and have long wanted a patch of my own. I finally do! The false cherry tree in the center of the garden is also in full bloom. An old leather and wood trunk I found at my mother's house has been tucked into a back corner ~ I may fill it with annuals or just leave it...not sure yet!

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