Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Decorate the Diva

Decorate the Diva is a jewelry shop full of cheerful fun and a wonderful mix of styles for every mood of your inner (or outer) Diva! Renee's unique style ranges from bold and bright to soft and romantic without even blinking an eye. I love her 'go for it' attitude and her determination to decorate every diva in her path! Her shop has long been one of my favorites and Renee herself is talented and a great and generous Etsy friend! Please visit her shop and enjoy her fabulous pieces!


  1. Karon,
    This is awesome! I’m bubbling over with delight!!! You are so very kind to feature my shop on your blog. I’m honored to be here and excited that you like my jewelry. You categorized my jewelry so well. I’m a very mood driven person; I go with whatever style fits the mood, even my backgrounds change depending on what frame of mind I’m in. So, this is definitely the perfect write up! Thank you for being a great ETSY friend. Your bright beautiful ideas and style of jewelry are an inspiration to me.
    Thank you again,

  2. i love renee's work and colorful creations--her lovely spirit shines throughout--- i can see why you love them too karon!! xo to both of you1

  3. What a wonderful article on Decorate the Diva! I love this shop too-the bright colors, gorgeous designs! I certainly agree with kathiroussel-her lovely spirite seems to shine throughout!