Sunday, May 3, 2009

Magnificient Monday!

Today is one of those amazing spring days that makes a person (me!) happy to just be alive and here to enjoy it! Our yard a carpet of lush green grass (that already needs to be mowed!)...the birches are sprouting leaf niblets and seed chandeliers dangling in the breeze...the forsythia is a bright blooming yellow against a cloudless pale blue sky...perfect baby lilacs have peeked out of their leaf nests...sunlight is dancing on the river and the robins are singing while they work, building their summer homes! Could it be any better than this?!
It was my plan to get organized after yesterday's craft sale at our local market...but I'm going to get some pansies and head for the garden instead!!!
We had a good day at the first Spring Market Craft Sale! In the past, it's only been held at Christmas. The bright spring weather and so many talented artisans and crafters drew a good crowd. Thanks to everyone who dropped by my booth to have a look, a chat or to make a purchase! You are all much appreciated!

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  1. I haven't done a craft show in a few years. It was always fun, but so much work! Your display is wonderful!