Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ jessjamesjake

I have always been a collector of what my friends and I affectionately call 'r-ow' (pronounce like 'ow' if you pinched your finger and add an 'r'). Some of my happiest moments have occurred in a vintage or antique shop and I've happened upon that perfect piece, slightly loved and telling a story...Jess, from JessJamesJake, has created such a place filled with treasures that make my heart go pitter-pat! I especially love her collections of vintage housewares, luggage and kid's stuff (like these little blocks)...I remember many of these items from my own childhood ~ Yikes! Please, check out her wonderful shop...and maybe take a trip down memory lane as well!

1940's Kelly Green Umbrella

Check out this fantastic selection of vintage luggage, clothing, housewares and kid's stuff...I HAD one of those Easy Bake ovens in that exact color!


  1. Wow! This is a stunning blog, Karon. Thanks so much for the feature. I'm thrilled! Your shop is fantastic, and I've had so much fun getting to know you on Etsy. xoxo!

  2. Jess's shop is such fun and indeed provides trips down memory lane. She has amazing finds and her photography is top notch!!

    Thanks for the great read this Wednesday Wonder Karon and Jess :-)