Friday, May 22, 2009

New Hoops!

Check out some new hoops I listed in my etsy shop this week! I've been spending so much time in the garden, all else has been on the back burner, I'm attending to Wild Woman business! I LOVE the teal and red mix in the earrings above. They are the only pair unless I can find some more of these pretty matte red lucite beads. The white and seafoam green are a cool classic for summer!


Recently I discovered Picasa, free software used to manipulate and work with photos. Maybe I've been living on another planet but I have never encountered it before and it is absolutely amazing! It's been so much fun, I've made new banners for both my Esty and Zibbet shops....hmmmmm....maybe a new photo for 'reserved' items...and a new gift certificate...between 'fixing' my photos and making treasuries and keeping the shops current, my husband thinks the computer is just another of my very attractive (I must say) body parts...(heeheeehehe) Happy Friday all....have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. OOOhhhh! Teal and red is my favorite color combination! Good luck on your hunt to find some more of those red lucite beads!