Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to live at the beach

It's been a foggy with bits of sunshine Saturday morning here at our cottage. I've just been poking, writing, a little photography, making a treasury. During the summer months, a local group hosts a homemade county breakfast at the community hall down the road. We went down this morning for the first one of the summer ~ delicious! I settled in our front window when we returned where I have books and bits and picked up my copy of this little book, 'how to live at the beach' by Sandy Gingras. This little 'manual of beachiness' reminds me frequently of the important things in life as it did again this morning. I've included photos of a few pages below to share a sense of her message ~ harmony, happiness and simplicity. She has a whole host of these wonderful books and cards available at Down the Shore Publishing. Somehow...the foggy morning, the poking around, the local breakfast all tied in with this lovely little book. Enjoy.

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  1. oh it all sounds like a dream! how wonderful Karon .. the little book looks just lovely :D