Monday, July 12, 2010

What's blooming today?

Early July is my favorite time in the garden~ everything is still fresh, full of fabulous color and simply gorgeous! Enjoy!
~ sweet honeysuckle blooms by Esmerelda's house (she's our garden fairy!)
~pretty pale pink dahlias in the porch window boxes
~ deep pink Asiatic lilies that are at least 15 years old- I transplanted them this spring and thought they may need a year to recover, but, here they are!
~ wild orange daylilies are throughout my garden

~ the snow-on-the-mountain is past blooming, but I love the seed head left behind!

~ old fashioned pale yellow single hollyhocks, the perfect flower for a cottage garden

~ Brown-eyed Susans sew themselves everywhere!


  1. Sigh. You take the most amazing photographs, and your garden is gorgeous, Karon!!! :)

  2. Absolutely wonderful! So glad I stopped in to "smell the roses!" Thanks for sharing.

  3. thanks for coming by ladies! a moment in the garden is always a pleasure!

  4. what a beautiful place itmust be!