Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Biker Chick, Road Trip and Winery Tour, 2nd Edition

After a fun and successful adventure to a winery in the east of the province, we decided to explore more of New Brunswick's delicious offerings! Inviting a couple more friends to join us, we headed to Mott's Winery on the Washademoak Lake near Cambridge Narrows.  It was an absolutely gorgeous drive on a beautiful sunny Saturday.  Enjoying the breeze, the open road, and the fragrance of cedar, pine and roses along the road are some of the things I am enjoying the most about our bike trips - the helmet hair, not so much!  

Arriving - they have a lovely small tasting room, expansive property
and a stunning view looking down over the vineyard with the lake in th background!

We sampled several varieties and came home with the bike paniers
packed with our favorites.  One of the lovely benefits of these visits has been
being able to purchase local wines that I know I like both at the wineries and
conveniently in our supermarket.


Several varieties of jelly are also made there - we purchased this Sweet Chipotle
which was delicious with a bit of cream cheese on a cracker.  Our friends selected
a Fig variety which was sweeter and also yummy!

Very sophisticated :)

On the road along the Washademoak.

The ferry crossing the Saint John River at Gagetown.

The Gang
If the weather is nice on Saturday, I think we're travelling to St. Andrews - I'll keep you posted!


  1. I love following everyone's adventures as I sit here weaving towels! :D And I do love a good wine!! xo

  2. I love a good wine too Cait - and your towels are beautiful!!