Friday, May 29, 2015

Life in the Tropics ~ Ethel's Hawaiian Adventure 2015

This is embarrassing.
Many of you know we took our kitty with us to Maui this year and have asked how she made out. Here are a few photos from her Hawaiian Adventure 2015 so you can see for yourself!

These look good enough to eat - can I eat them?

Was that a gecko? I saw a gecko! Can I eat geckos?

Mealtime entertainment. I know she's on the island - don't judge me.

Is that a bunny? I saw a bunny! That's a bunny! Can I eat bunnies?

Dear Cat Behavior Specialist,
My cat seems stressed - how can I help her learn to relax?
Thank you.
Worried Ethel's Mom

Dear Diary,
The birds outside the kitchen window - they taunt me. 
The thin barrier the authorities have placed between us
thwarts all attempts I make to befriend them. 
I will go lie under the bed and watch
 my hairballs float past. 
There is some comfort in this.

Rub my belly-- you KNOW you can't resist.

What's your Visa number?

And then she said, 'Mom, I'd like to go to university and study String Theory'.

But, I don't want to go home.

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