Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Six Spectacular Bags!

I'll admit it (and anyone who knows me will attest to it!), I have an absolute love of bags...totes, purses, clutches, book bags, computer bags, grocery's a sickness, really. I attribute it partly to my love of color and texture and partly to my urge to organize things. And why not slip all your bits in the perfect pocket in a pretty bag?
While we were in Bar Harbor, I came across this wonderful tote made from recycled boat sails by Sea Bags in Portland, Maine. The crisp, nautical blue and white is a classic ~ this one found its way home with me!

In celebration of summer beach days, market shopping and everyday 'lugging', this week's Wednesday Wonders features some of my favorite totebag finds on Etsy...please toss in your 'carry alongs', sling one over your shoulders and enjoy these beautiful totes!


  1. Thank you for featuring my bag! You've put together a wonderful collection!

  2. Very nice choices! My heart goes all a flutter when I see the perfect bag too!

  3. bella...i understand, perfectly! your welcome tortillagirl! :)