Friday, September 25, 2009

TransCanada Etsy Team Autumn Challenge

Autumn ~ colorful leaves, the harvest, crisp fall air, gathering, sowing, scattering...the theme for the first ever Trans Canada Etsy Team's monthly challenge, has inspired several delightful creations from team members across Canada!

"No eye can overlook when, 'mid a grove

Of yet unfaded trees, she lifts her head,

Deck'd with autumnal berries that outshine

Spring's richest blossoms."

~ Wordsworth

The mountain ash is my favorite tree in autumn ~ I love to create huge bouguets of its branches, heavy with berry clusters and display them around my house. These earrings are inspired by this beautiful tree and are my creation for the Trans Canada Team Autumn Challenge.

A total of 13 gorgeous entries are on display in the team blog...drop by if you have a minute and vote for your favorite!

Mountain Ash earrings


  1. Way to meet the challenge, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. liz and rose...thank you ~ they were fun to make! I'm a fan of these autumn colors!