Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice

'O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?'

~Percy Bysshe Shelley

There are many people who love winter - but I am not one of them! At first, I appreciate the silence, the magic of the first snowfall, the clean white landscape, the cosiness of a warm fire...but before long, by late November and December especially, as I watch the sun rise later and set earlier and feel the early darkness and the cold - by 5pm, I want a quilt and a puffy pillow and a nap. It seems the day is over and I haven't eaten dinner yet!

And then, the winter solstice arrives - and with it, the knowing that nature has swung around that darkest corner and the light of SPRING is a beacon once again. Yes!


  1. i love solstice -- it's a promise that can't be taken back and it offers that light at the end of the long winter tunnel-- literally! -- i know what you mean-- it's the night of winter, the early loss of light that makes the day seem so brief-- i find myself wanting the same thing-- to curl up and hibernate as soon as it gets dark!--

    i hope you have a wonderful holiday karon-- with some quality time spent with family and friends and some time to relax and decompress!



  2. Beautiful picture. Living in the valley of the sun...I groan on Winter Solstice...since it means that early mornings are just around the corner with temps soaring. I'm joyous at Summer Solstice!

  3. Ah, that Shelley line... always been one of my favorites, ever since I first read Ode to the West Wind many moons, and winds, ago! I found myself longing for spring yesterday... not even connecting that to the solstice. Having our first snow, which is still on the ground here, so early in the winter for North Carolinians, I feel like there is nothing else in winter to look forward to. That chance of snow always holds some magic for me, and now it has come and the magic is gone. So yes, bring on February when the daffodils will poke out of the ground and summon all things warm and sunny!

  4. I am glad Winter is here and we are headed to Spring. We have had snow since Sept. 30. Ready for spring.

  5. thanks so much for dropping by ladies! who can resist the pull of spring!?