Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 10 Things to Get Organized

At the best of times, I've been accused of being a bit of a neat-freak ... I like things tidy and organized and if they're not, I like them behind a closet door. January brings out the Abominable Neat Monster in me. It begins as a tiny thought, "I'll just clean up the house after Christmas" and builds to a rising crescendo of open drawers and closets and cupboards and finally, everything in the kitchen in the middle of the floor surrounded by garbage bags and boxes for Goodwill. Really, it's a sickness!
Here, in no particular order, are the Top 10 Things I'd like to organize once and for all...
1. My husbands socks (yeah, I know, none of my business...)
2. Our pantry - do we need 5 jars of paprika? I've never used paprika...how about 4 bottles of cooking oil with barely a drop in them...pretty sure they're rancid too.
3. The drawer by the phone, which contains about 3 years worth of wine corks that I'm sure I'll need for something ...maybe I'll send them to Cat at uncorked....
4. The beach bag of old slippers and flipflops on the floor in my closet, the ones I'm saving for a catastrophic cold feet emergency and the 20 or so trips to the beach that will require the wearing of mismatched footwear.
5. The stacks of home decorating magazines under my bed dating back to 2001 - 'nuff said.
6. The cupboard in the laundry room (hard hat recommended when opening the doors) where several years of half full sunscreen tubes, leather protector and Shout reside and there is no longer room for, you know, actual laundry detergent.
7. The basement shelves containing all the decorations from Christmases past - really, I am over the pink bows for the tree...
8. The linen closet upstairs, home of 612 plastic grocery bags, ready to line the bathroom garbage can until 2047.
9. The three boxes of assorted mugs sitting on the floor in the basement - they've been there since the spree of 2008....but who wants them?????
10. The pile of boxes sitting in the garage at the lake, all nicely packed from the old cottage....I can hear them calling me - but that's a job for SPRING FEVER!!!!
Here are some lovely organizational helpers from some fabulous shops on Etsy - happy organizing!


  1. Karon- I so need to get organized this month! And husband's socks- ugh! My hubby just bought himself 24 pair (who needs 24 pairs of socks, especially when he already has a drawer full plus?) - they have now taken over the bedroom. Yes, make something with those corks crafty-mama- there are tons of possibilites!

    xox- Cat :)

  2. I have my Goodwill bags and boxes lined up in the hallway and am adding to them as I do my winter cleaning- room by room. Happy cleaning.

  3. Living in a 375 sq. ft. house, I'm doing real good keeping things tidy - otherwise there wouldn't be anywhere to walk. :)
    Love the Etsy finds you shared today! Have a Happy Tues.

  4. cat...loose socks, which I find all over the place, are called 'bunnies' at our house - they look like wee rabbits nestled in their burroughs...and you, my girl, are the Queen of doing amazing things with corks - you've inspired me!

    BlackStar - good luck with your winter cleaning - I send lots of energy your way as you clear the path!

    zuzu...you must be an organizational wonder! your home sounds lovely and cosy with just the right amount of everything! happy day to you too and thanks for stopping by!

    karon xo

  5. This brought me some chuckles... thanks for sharing it! I particularly love #8... what is it about those plastic bags that we feel we must save them? Hee hee. But seriously, who wants to clean when there is so much other fun stuff to do???

  6. I SO know what you mean about cleaning up after the holidays, turning into spring cleaning like a crazy fool. I'm doing it too right now, but I'm getting inspired at the same time. Nothing better than a fresh clean workspace!


    Happy new year! ;)