Friday, March 12, 2010

Tiki Torches, the new Pink Flamingo?

Well, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country (or the desire to decorate, nest and make anyplace 'our own') out of the girl!

We've been enjoying our little yard and view and all the sunshine, when yesterday, it became glaringly apparent that what out little yard lacked, big time, was tiki torches...yes, the Hawaiin equivalent of the perfect pink flamingo. I have a certain fondness for those kitchy pink birds...

'Time for a trip to town!' I announced to my ever patient husband (the lure of fish and chips for lunch at a little open air stand may have helped my case...)

Anyhow, off we went - how hard could it be to find a place to purchase tiki torches...I mean, you know, this is Hawaii...without going into all the details, hubby needed sustenance and we stopped for those fish and chips.

As luck would have it, we passed by a Lowe's store and I KNEW the sought after tiki's would be found within! YES! I was able to carry four (hubby insisted that was a sufficient quantity and as many as we would be able to get in the back of the rental car), he grabbed the giant bottle of oil and we were off! I'd like to add here that they have very pointy ends (for sticking in the gound, of course) but it was windy when we came out of Lowe's and I have the cuts on my shins to prove it - what a girl will do in the name of lawn decor...

We arrived back at the house and my darling hubby set them up...I could hardly wait until dusk. As we lit them and they flickered in the twilight, it felt like a perfect Maui Moment...

now, how to get them into my suitcase ~


  1. This is a riot, Karon! I love the story and the tiki torches are the perfect Maui Moment!

  2. te he he karon .. sounds like fun! so happy you are having a wonderful time there ... soak up the warmth! do hope spring is blooming when you are back :D
    hugs, Kerrin xox

  3. Oh Karon, you are such a hoot! That's a lovely picture (as if you could take any other kind) and I'm so glad you'll be bringing them back with you. After all, every neighborhood needs some tiki torches. Maybe I'll try to find some for our yard too. Probably have to settle for those little citronella bug stakes though ...

  4. Every garden needs Tiki Torches. And a tiny bit of can pretend.