Sunday, August 12, 2012

...that time of year

When I was teaching, August brought all the things I needed to do for back to school into my dreams.  I'd lay awake at night with plans for my classroom, kids and school going around and around in my mind!  These days, August brings my 'to do' list for the holiday season front and center and I MUST write it all down and get it out of my head or I won't sleep a wink until I do!

So, in no particular order, here goes:

1. Shipping and Packaging
    * Order shipping supplies - jewelry boxes, shipping boxes, bubblewrap, envelopes, tissue paper, ribbon, business cards and customs forms
    * Prep shipping area - precut bubblewrap, ribbon, tissue
    * Begin to prepare holiday themed Thank You notes
    * Gather and prepare gift wrapping - boxes, paper, ribbon, gift tags
    * Find out Canada Post's shipping deadlines for the holiday season and post in my shop.  Add to Message to Buyer for completed purchases.

2.  Shop
     * Change banner and avi to holiday theme
     * Update shop sections
     * Update shop announcement, policies, profile
     * List all holiday items including new pieces, gift sets, ornaments and holiday themed items
     * Stay on top of all paperwork

3.  Inventory
     * Stock up on raw materials - make a list of what I need and order by September 1
     * Pre-make as many pieces as possible
     * Photograph all new pieces
     * Tag all items
     * Create new pieces for the holiday season.

4.  Promotions
     * Plan and prepare all holiday promotions
     * Prepare monthly newsletters for September to December
     * Keep blog up to date
     * Keep FanPage up to date
     * Stay active on my team and community and make some fabulous treasuries!

5.  Local Events - Prepare inventory and booth for each of the following:
     * Fredericton Fall Craft Show - October
     * Christmas at the Market - November
     * Christmas in the Village in Gagetown - November
     * The Kubbyhole - October to December

6.  Personal
     * Gift shopping - make list
     * Gift wrapping, mail away gifts by November 30
     * Holiday decorating - boughs and lights outside, tree and inside decorations
     * Plan Christmas dinner and invite guests

soooooo-- lots to do but I feel so much better! what's on your list?
karon xo

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