Sunday, September 9, 2012


Well, we're nearly done ~ packing, cleaning, tossing, donating and most importantly, keeping the house spotless for showings! The movers are coming tomorrow and then the unpacking begins! I'm glad to be moving on but feel a little sad too.  We bought the lot before we were married, when it was just a spot in a field, with the dream to build our first house. It was home for over 15 years and we've loved the location, the gorgeous view of the river and valley and the wonderful light throughout. I'll miss those...thank you, house.  Our new place at the lake has been home for almost 2 years and frankly, we haven't spent much time here since -- so, it's definitely time. I wish the new owners, a young couple with a baby, many years of happiness in their new home...and on with new adventures! xo

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