Saturday, June 8, 2013

I've Been Running the Roads this Week...

...spending time with my husband and friends but I did land in the studio long enough to finish some pretty sterling stamped leaf earrings and fabricate a few other pieces. I gave these lightweight lovelies a patina bath and a good polish to highlight the leaves.  The earwires are square sterling wire soldered to the back of the discs.
 My other project was a couple of pairs of bezel studs. I'm obsessed with making bezel settings and all the forms in which they can be designed. Making the stud earrings seemed a bit uncertain for me - I was concerned that simply soldering the post to the baseplate wouldn't be strong or durable enough for long term wear.  Hubs has a fair amount of metalworking experience in other fields and I expressed my worries to him -- over a glass of wine the other night! :).  He suggested I drill the baseplate, insert the post and then heat to draw the solder into the bezel...genius! It was the
perfect solution! These cuties are made with vintage light turquoise glass and fun peacock feather patterned paper under glass - and I'm confident the posts are secure!! What do you think?

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