Thursday, April 10, 2014

I said 'Salsa'!

I am a huge salsa (and Seinfeld) fan! I made a batch yesterday and thought I'd share this delicious recipe and my morning in the kitchen.

Boiling the jars and lids helps the salsa keep longer.
I boil all the jars and lids for about 20 minutes and then leave them to cool on a clean towel while I make the salsa.
All the ingredients and my favorite recipe!

These are all the ingredients and the recipe.  It's a breeze (my kinda cooking) - everything chopped and tossed into one large pot then gently boiled for about an hour. The only extra step is the tomatoes need to be scalded, peeled and seeded before chopping (see below).
I usually double the recipe as shown here (or triple it) - I'm doing the work anyway - and we eat this salsa like there is no tomorrow! 
Here are the ingredients for a double recipe:
9-10 lbs tomatoes
3 large red peppers
1 large green pepper
2 large white or Spanish onions
6 cans mild green chillies
10 oz. tomato paste
1/2 cup brown sugar
11/2 cups white vinegar
4 tsp. paprika
2 tbsp. pickling or coarse salt
5-6 cloves garlic
1/2 cup jalapeno peppers
 (I like the ones in a jar - you can use some of the liquid as well)
A food processor (mine is a mini!) really speeds thing up.
Toss it all in the pot and give it a stir to combine the veggies.

Scalding the tomatoes - boil your water and add the tomatoes.
 Keep an eye on them as you just want the skin to break and peel back.
 The tomatoes should be firm, not cooked, when they are chopped.

Add the chillies, vinegar, brown sugar and paprika.
Chopped garlic and jalapenos will be to taste.
I add 5-6 cloves of garlic and about 1/2 cup of jalapenos. 
You can always add more at the end if it's not quite hot enough.
 Be sure to recycle those cans!

I've peeled the tomato skins, cut each into quarters and removed the stem and seeds.
 Into the chopper and then the pot with the rest of the ingredients!
Boil gently, stirring often, for about an hour.
Yield is eleven jars and enough for lunch! Enjoy!
Eleven jars and a yummy snack!

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