Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Crafts and Cooking ~ Week 2

This week's projects included making these fun rainbow pictures with melted crayons and chocolate cake 'ice cream' cupcakes. 

Crayon Rainbows
1 small art canvas
I box crayons
glue gun
glue sticks
Crayon Art  
 Fun and so easy! Line up the crayons along one edge of the canvas and then using a hot glue gun, glue each in place. Stand the canvas and heat crayons with the medium/high setting on your hair dryer.  We recommend covering your work surface with plastic or newspaper because the wax splattered a bit before we got the hang of melting the crayons :) Sophie hung hers in the Bunkie and mine is on my desk in my office - they are so colorful!!

The hotter setting melted the crayons much more quickly and resulted in this cool mixed rainbow effect.  Also, Sophie grouped her colors together so the brights really make a gorgeous impact!

 "Ice Cream Cone" Dessert
Baked 'Ice Cream' Cupcakes
1 chocolate cake mix
1 can frosting
cupcake papers
muffin pan
1 box ice cream cones
Line the muffin pan with the paper liners.  Mix up the cake mix as per the instructions on the box and pour batter into the little cups. Place cones right in the batter. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes...check with a clean wooden pick to be sure they are finished.  It took longer than we thought it would :)
Remove from the oven and let cool. Frost and decorate as desired.  They were a bit messy but yummy and everyone loved them for dessert!
We've got great plans for this week ... and yes, chocolate is involved.
happy summer

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