Monday, September 15, 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  When I got my ukulele in June, one of the first songs I wanted to learn to play was Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a long time favorite and perfect, in my opinion, for the ukulele.  Sophie was keen too - we initially thought she would play her guitar but she loved the ukulele and had played a bit in music class at school (isn't that fantastic!?).  So, within a few days, she had one too - hers is bright green! The best parts have been the time we spent together learning and several resulting fun and silly, after dinner, impromptu family sing-alongs - such a hoot!

Anyway, we did it! We can both play it and if I do say so myself, we sound pretty good together.  She wasn't here to make this little video (we may do another on Thanksgiving weekend as proof) but here is me with a shortened version.  And, most importantly, I am sparing you my singing voice, but rest assured, I'm singing most enthusiastically in my mind~ enjoy!


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