Thursday, August 13, 2015

From My Bench ~ Facelift and Reorganization!

And it needed it! My jewelry bench is in our basement - read "no windows". So even with all kinds of lighting, the room is dark and without some nice natural light. When hubs built my bench, I painted the top surface my favorite green for brightness and carried on. Honestly, though, the color is not helpful - it adds to that yellowish hue cast by indoor lights (even with white bulbs) and I have never really liked it.

Now, I love this little room because it's ALL mine. I have room to spread out, make a mess, leave things set up, create, LOADS of storage space and even a computer work space on my favorite vintage enamel top table. Every little thing in it has been placed by me and no one moves anything except for me - read "I have room to make a mess and I therefore do!".

So, yesterday, after completing work on some orders, I decided it was time to correct both of these little issues. I thoroughly cleaned the whole room (yes, EVERY corner - moved EVERY tool, supply, box, etc). I painted the bench top a a very pale blue, reorganized my tools to make a larger workspace, built a wall 'thingy' to store my hammers, tossed all the garbage, cleaned and treated my tools and equipment, filled the torches, organized my enamel powders, placed all my soldering supplies on one metal tray that can be moved to my bench when needed, set up a little bed for Ethel, and gathered all wire and sheet metal together in one easy to locate area! I was exhausted but it feels GREAT! And I'm excited to get to work- that clean bench top needs a project!


  1. Such a wonderful space to work, Karon! Wish mine was as tidy...I am reading that tidy book that everyone is raving about and I went through my clothes (5 bags to Good Will) but my workspace remains a total mess. sigh. xo

  2. Thanks Cait! the only thing I would add is a window :) and it won't be so tidy for long. It sure feels good right now though! And, it sounds like you might need some new clothes :) xo