Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life at the Lake ~ Autumn Color

This past weekend was the peak of our autumn color at the lake - it seems I was just posting photos of dandelions and early summer nights. Time passes so quickly!

With the maples and oaks aflame, our guestroom positively glows with the reflections of the red, yellow and orange maple leaves right outside the window. A few windy days are blowing loosened leaves and 'the FALL' has begun. I could sweep the deck every hour but have decided to enjoy the colors, the leaf dance in the breeze and the fun of kicking my toes through the little piles...time enough for raking in November...

View from the guest room window

Gorgeous maples against the deep autumn blue sky!

So pretty... and you can see the pile accumulating in the background :).

Our back step about 10 minutes after sweeping.

A lovely bowl of crisp, juicy Cortland apples - my favorites!
Any left at the end of the week will be turned into a crumble!


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