Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Wonders ~ Kathi Roussel

Vintage with a modern vibe, sculptural, a visual feast to behold....these only begin to describe the creativity and artistic talents of Kathi Roussel. Her Etsy shops, kathi roussel jewelry and 5gardenias are filled to the brim with her breathtaking pieces and collections ~ I am totally addicted!

Kathi's talents also clearly lie in her exceptional photography ~ her use of color, light, focus ~ and the charming stories told through the props which perfectly cradle her pieces. I am inspired and lifted by her amazing gifts! Enjoy your own delightful journey through her shops...may you be inspired too!

Leaf Pod Ring


  1. karon--- i couldn't be more honored and thrilled that you've chosen my jewelry and vintage shop to feature on your beautiful blog. we share a love for color and modern, nature inspired design in our work (just look at all the flowers!) and obviously you love vintage just as must as i do. my favorite addiction next to etsy!
    i send a huge hug and thanks to you for making this such a great week!! xo, kathi

  2. hi thanks for putting my moms work in your blog. from henry

  3. oh henry and is my perfect pleasure!

  4. Karon,

    How is the gardening going in CA? Have you started yet?

  5. Hi, We've only just begun...the crocuses are in full bloom and there are spikes of daffodil and tulip leaves through out my garden. The lilacs are covered with tiny green buds...I love this time when the whole parade is still to come!