Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Garden Path...

A quiet spot in a wee woodsy corner of the garden~
I've neglected almost all my 'normal' online activities for a few weeks now (including my poor blog) and been up to my nose in the garden...have a look!
views of the main garden and shed...I love seeing the lake in the distance!
We had an huge oak tree that had to be cut down a couple of years ago (we counted 122 rings in the trunk!) which left a huge spot in the yard that got full sun~ well of course I couldn't resist and a new garden was born. Most of the plants were moved from several older beds that were all overgrown...lots of them needed to be divided and honestly, I had just walked right on by for more summers than I care to remember. They've established themselves and filled in nicely in just it's second year! And the flower boxes are overflowing~ I love it!

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  1. What a beautiful spot! And how I'd love to perch on one of those pretty chairs with you in the other and chat the hours away. Or maybe lie on my back beside your lush and lovely garden and gaze at that so very blue sky. You've just transported me to your own private paradise, and I thank you! xoxo