Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Summer Wedding

Tiger lilies...
an early summer wedding...
SIX bridesmaids...
A few weeks ago, I received a note from the sweetest bride asking if I would design and create the wedding jewelry for her beautiful bridesmaids. She sent me photos of her sister and closest friends, with arms linked and laughing, clearly a gaggle of gorgeous girls!
It's been my pleasure to create pieces for weddings in the past, but this was the largest wedding party I've worked with~ each piece had to be similar yet suited to each bridesmaid~ an honor and a challenge to be sure. It had to be right!
After lots of notes and photos back and forth, consideration of her wedding style, colors and theme, descriptions of the bridesmaids' personalities and taste (the bride hoped they would be able to wear them after the wedding as well), we arrived at six variations of a similar design.
I mixed metals, finishes, earring length and detail to appeal to each girl and then created the bracelets with dangles that matched each pair of earrings.

I had such fun packaging everything for each bridesmaid~ and I received word this morning they have all arrived safely in plenty of time for the big day! The bride has been an absolute pleasure to work with~ I hope her wedding is everything she wishes it to be!
At the moment, I can't believe I didn't photograph all the finished pieces together but here is a sampling of the designs...I had alot of fun too!


  1. What a wonderful "job" to have-creating these lovely pieces for a summer wedding! Marvelous, Karon!

  2. Wow what fun and intimidating at the same time. So glad to hear that they arrived safely and everyone is happy!