Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Rustic Hammered Hoops know how much I love metal, especially rustic-distressed-organic-industrial metals. Wire is one of my favorite mediums to achieve this look and I've been playing with some new tools - particularly a mandrel and rawhide hammer that allow me to shape heavier gauge wire with ease. I've begun with some simple hoops using a piece of 16 gauge sterling I had on hand -- after filing and sanding one end to taper the wire, I shaped the circles using the mandrel and soft hammer - how fun! Hammering for texture and strength came next and then oxidizing and polishing for shine-- not bad for a beginner!


  1. They are beautiful, sometimes simple is best :)

  2. gorgeous!! these are one of my faves to make too! your photos are always fantastic!

  3. thank you for dropping by ladies (and for your very kind words! )

  4. Had to click on the pic for a closer look - they are gorgeous!!!
    Have a great weekend, Karon!
    ~ Zuzu