Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Craft Show... and now I need a nap!

The first annual Fredericton Fall Craft Show was held this past weekend and what a show it was! We had a fabulous time-- the mood was relaxed, friendly and cheerful, we had a HUGE crowd (the organizer did a marvelous job of promotion and getting the word 'out there') and the talent was amazing. The Capital Exhibit Center was PACKED with super creative people offering a wonderfully wide range of art and crafted pieces. I was thrilled to have a corner booth (complete with electricity) in a very high traffic spot-- practically right next to the little onsite restaurant (which, by the way, made delicious homemade food :) And, I was able to use my new banner for the first time!

A big thank you to all who stopped by to visit, have a chat and take home something sparkly!

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking about participating in the Fredericton Fall Craft Show this year, but really nervous because I've never done anything like this before! I've been communicating with someone through email about information and such. Since you've been there before for the craft show, are there any tips or suggestions you could give me, being a newbie? Like I'm wondering about how I could do a banner with my shop name.. Are the booth sections just simple spots and if I want my banner to be up high where it can be very visible could I make a high stand say with pvc pipe or something to mount up a banner? Or, I noticed you have your name along the table.. Do you find that works okay and your table is shop name is still pretty visible? I would appreciate ANY tips or suggestions! :) Like I said, I would be a total newbie at this so any tips and info you can share would awesome! Thanks so much! :) californiasunshine84(at)gmail(dot)com