Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow Day!

Well... there is something magical about the first snow that speaks to the heart of this northern girl. In the not too distant future, you'll find me shovelling the driveway and swearing about all the snow-- but not today. Today, I'm lovin' it!

The forecast is for 10-20cm and I've cosied right in-- crackling fire, lots of wood, Christmas music playing, candles burning -- I may have my whole winter in one day!

Most years it seems such a rush to prepare for the holidays but we've had such a beautiful fall, there was lots of time to decorate outdoors and clean up the yard- I feel like a satisfied little squirrel that has lots of nuts put away for the winter.

All this snugg-iness even inspires me to bake (not one of my strengths, hehehe, but even I can pull off an apple crumble-- with double crumble, my husband's favorite!). I have two cookbooks (well, I have about 10 but only use 2), one that includes all our favorite recipes from family and friends that I've actually written out and pasted into a notebook-- this one is a treasure! The other is a book we made as a fundraiser at my old school. It is full of tried and true recipes from families and staff and I've never prepared anything from it that isn't absolutely delicious! Here's the recipe I always use - warm apple crumble for dessert tonight - YUM!

Hope your day is cosy as well! xo karon


  1. OMG you make me want to knit a sweater or something, Karon!! What a lovely post for today. We, too, have some snow and I'm anxiously waiting for Noah to come home through the mountains! It really is lovely. Now where did I put those little twinkle lights...

  2. too! it's something about november, cait...and snow...I get all domestic for about a week :) then I start dreaming about a vacation down south! hope noah is safely home and, now, get on those lights!