Monday, January 9, 2012

Handmade Holidays

My Christmas shopping experience this year was the easiest ever! It was my hope to find handmade gifts for as many friends and family members as possible...and now that everyone has received their lovelies, I can't wait to show you all what I found!

ohlittlerabbit creates the most wonderful colorful screenprinted organic cotton teatowels, veggie bags, bedding, aprons and other housewares -- they arrived perfectly wrapped in brown craft paper -- so charming, I wanted them all for myself! I'll be returning for more.

Peace sign studs in sterling silver from Michelle Chang are delicate and just right for my 'peace-sign-loving-niece'-- she's worn them everyday since Christmas!
My writer friend loved this handmade journal made by Cheri Ucci of Paperfetish Designs. The handsewn binding is of very good quality and the cover is treated with gesso, ready for her own artistic work. I love it too!
These gorgeous blue felted mittens were made by a local knitter who was a member at the Kubbyhole -- they are so warm and match my niece's winter jacket like they were made for her!

Delightful in everyway are these whimsical zipper magnets from AmaliaVersaci in cool blues and greens and warm yellows, orange and red. Opening the package was a visual treat, with each set boxed and tied with a Christmas red zipper - so lovely!
Rachel Awes awesome artwork is printed on her beautifully inspiring greeting cards and were perfect for my sister. Each was carefully wrapped in cello and the set was tied with a pretty ribbon!
Everyone loved their unique presents and it was a wonderfully enjoyable Christmas shopping experience! I know where I'll be 'headed' next November!


  1. What lovely gifts! I love the homemade theme here. I tried to do that too, shopping at craft fairs and local co-ops. I love your jewelry, especially that heart in your header! Have a wonderful week!

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