Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My New Workbench!

I'm so lucky to have a lovely worktable in our house with gorgeous natural light and big windows for my bead and wire work as well as my photography and computer time. It's perfect, really, but for a couple of years now, as my interest in creating more jewelry pieces from scratch and my quiver of jewelry making tools and metal supplies has grown, all my noisy, flammable, and chemically smelly work has been set up on the end of my husband's worktable in our garage. While it's certainly better than nothing, I'm usually cold and never seem to have exactly what I want with me. Add to that, all my bits are cleaned up at the end of each session, and while I've been fortunate to have this little space, frankly it's been a pain! Projects are all over the place and it really bugs me! Over the Christmas holidays, my darling husband built me my own space in our basement with a workbench at my most comfortable height for creating and lots of light. Here's a little look -- there's a spot for everything-- tools, mandrels, torch, tumbler, stamping tools and so on... and even a little heater to keep me toasty warm! I can leave everything out when I'm in the middle of a project and make all the noise I want!

I actually think he likes my space better than his, now, and fully expect to see him set up at the end of MY bench sometime in the not too distant future!
Happy day!


  1. This is awesome Karon!!! You enjoy your new space :)