Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's get Personal!

2012 Star Ornament
Over the last several months a number of customers have made inquiries about personalizing some of the pieces in my shop -- most frequently, wondering about adding the date or an initial or a special word to my beaded holiday ornaments.  I had been thinking of offering some custom add ons and ways to personalize gift giving for the coming holiday season and so I got to work! Handstamping metal bits are a wonderful opportunity to create that meaningful touch and I've had fun experimenting.  My first offering is a custom date or intial stamp for the ornaments (or any other item from my shop!).  Of course you know, once I get started, the options are endless -- here's what is available so far!
Stamped Monogram and Message Bangles
Sterling Silver Monogram Charm

Gemstone Bangles with Monogram Charm
Sterling Silver Monogram and Birthstone Necklaces
Swarovski Crystal Custom Birthstones


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