Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Person's Trash...

So, this week I've had a million things to do, many of which have been those boring, mundane everyday type things that build up (since I tend to avoid them as long as possible), and just wait for you to trip over them or you know, starve to death, before you take action.  In the middle of one of these chores (aka 'For the love all that is holy, clean your workbench'), I came across some good size scraps of copper sheet metal left over from some star ornaments I made awhile ago.  Well, I think I must have blacked out or something (I'm sure it was a reaction to the cleaning or maybe a flash of inspiration) because suddenly I was cutting, filing, hammering, polishing and torching like a madwoman! I guess it's true -- one person's trash is another person's treasure... 13 pairs of earrings were the result!
Now, back to that list...

1 comment:

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