Monday, April 15, 2013

Improving My Technique...

Handforged Sterling Hoops with Secure Clasp
 I have been primarily self-taught in my skills as a jewelry maker.  And while I have gained much experience and developed my own successful ways of 'doing things', I've really wanted to grow, improve and refine many of my techniques -- and maybe uncover and remedy some 'bad habits' at the same time. My last class at Hui was perfect for just that! Creating these simple sterling hoops refined my shaping and hammering skills and developed a new technique for creating a secure clasp to better hold the earring closed.  I also practiced using different tools for filing and polishing.
Stacking Bangles in Sterling, Copper and Brass
 Stacking bangle bracelets provided new opportunities in soldering - experimenting with brass and copper solder, firing temperatures, sanding, hammering and shaping were all part of the process and were valuable experience.  Plus, I have three pretty mixed metal bangles to wear! 
One of my favorite things to make is stacking rings - so cute and so fun to wear in a bunch! I learned a great deal more about ring sizing, making a set of  'templates' for each ring and bangle size and some fabulous production techniques. It was a great class!
Sterling Stacking Rings
Leaving the studio yesterday, I felt kinda sad.  I've met some really talented and wonderful people there in the last couple of months and will miss them and the comraderie of our groups.  I can't wait to return and sign up for more!

PS.  I also finished my larimar ring which I'll post later this week :)

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