Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ring #2 ~ Larimar Set in Sterling Silver

At class today, I chose to work on my second ring and see if I could set this gorgeous larimar stone that I had for my first one.  It is much smaller than the lapis and I felt up to the challenge :)  It worked out really well -- all my solder flowed the first time (YAY!!!).  I had time to saw and file the baseplate, leaving just a tiny lip around the bezel.

Using this easy dental floss trick, I can see the stone fits.  At Open Studio, I'll set the stone and finish sanding and polishing.  The ring band was made at my first class so that was good to go, but I have to say, I created the setting in about half the time of the first -- that's good :)
This is the Jewelry and Pottery Studio at Hui -- a charming building with lots of windows, fresh air and gorgeous ocean views!  It was a great day!


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