Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Holiday Lights...

...yes, BEFORE Halloween!
I love decorating for the holidays! Lighting the house and yard is one of my favorite things.  As I'm hanging the lights, I can see the night of the first snow lightly falling, gently illuminated by the sparkling white lights against fresh evergreens...so magical!
A little story unfolds inviting you in from the beginning of our driveway where an Austrian Pine is draped with strands of tiny white lights.  Two shingled posts are wrapped with lights and hung with simple evergreen wreaths.  Two large and simple rusty iron stars are spotlighted on the lawn that leads you to our yard.  All the flower boxes on the house, garage and garden shed are filled with evergreen boughs - fresh pine and spruce cut from our own trees.  More lights beckon you to come have a peek!
 Our house welcomes you with large tin containers filled with boughs, an evergreen tree draped in lights and pinecones, more wreaths and a festive holiday mat at the door. The story says we are glad to have you here!
 I know it's only October but Sunday dawned sunny and mild, a perfect day for a walk in the woods and some tree trimming in the yard.  Our huge pines needed a haircut which resulted in a pile of boughs just begging for a holiday home.  So...


  1. I love lights!!! And evergreens!! And Christmas!!!!! xo

  2. oh me too, Cait! I just hope I don't confuse the trick or treaters!! :)

  3. Oh Karon, I love lights too, but mine are nestled in amongst the leaves, vines, and berries that grace the mantles,windows and furniture. I think Ken would flip out if I tried to put Christmas decorations up this early! Lol

  4. I forgot to mention how pretty your home looks! I love putting the lights and evergreens up.

  5. hi Sandra!! Peter agreed because he didn't want to do it on his own when the weather gets colder! I'll be placing some inside too in early December - if I did that now, they will be nothing but sticks by then :)