Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Current Obession...and what to do with all that fruit!

One of the coolest things about our yard is the 'grove' of fruit trees - 14 to be exact - planted by the previous owners. Guava, mango, lime, lemon, grapefruit, star fruit, oranges, papaya, avocado, passion fruit, and one we have yet to identify [no fruit produced yet] hanging from branches just outside the door - amazing!


There is so much fruit, I'm reminded of tomato harvesting season in New Brunswick...what to do with it all? Fortunately, I have a brilliant sister-in-law who suggested freezing it [she likes a frozen lime wedge in her sunset sippy :)] to which I responded, of course! Sometimes I totally miss the most obvious solution, especially when it relates to cooking.  Also, fortunately, I've been obsessed with fruit smoothies for breakfast (can you see where I'm headed here?).  So, last week, I headed to our little orchard with a big basket and collected all the ripe fruit. A trip to the grocery store to supplement my stash with bananas, strawberries, juice and plain yoghurt and I was ready to stock the freezer.

I spent a couple of hours peeling, cutting, preparing the fruit.  The final result was 11 freezer bags in 2-person serving sizes. 

One bag of frozen fruit, half a cup of plain yoghurt, about a cup of fruit juice, and a handful of ice cubes into the blender... 
and YUM! breakfast! 
And, the freezer is stocked for 10 more!

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