Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Classes have Begun!

A beautiful hibiscus I planted in our back yard last spring -
it's already over 5 feet tall!
So...the call of vacation and home renovations have entirely captured my attention for the last several weeks.  I've thought about blogging but just haven't. There. I admit it [that's the first step isn't it?] :)  I do have dozens of photographs of the work we've done on the house, the garden, sunsets, beach days, our tropical kitty, our home kitty, my metalworking class adventures, other craft projects and the beginning of my collection of jeweler's tools and supplies for my workbench here (come on, we knew this was inevitable!). Stay tuned!
My classes started a couple of weeks ago...I love the art college here and they have a fantastic, fully equipped studio.  Some of the tools and techniques covered include riveting, texturing and imprinting metal and wire using hammers and a rolling mill (this is an amazing piece of equipment!), tube setting stones, and improving and expanding soldering techniques to name several. I've spent some time sketching ideas for earrings and am presently experimenting with sweat soldering and pic soldering with MUCH practice required! Soldering can seem straightforward but it's a tricky business [for me, anyway :)].  I've melted more metal than I care to admit to!
A few design sketches and the main shapes for a pair earrings from
copper sheet.
I've hammered the little rounded pennant shapes and filed the edges smooth.  I've made little 'branches' from 14gauge brass wire and hammered them lightly as well.  The plan was to saw leaves and flowers to add to the pennant but time was a factor so I made some simple spirals from sterling silver wire and copper links for the ear wires.  And now the assembly begins!
Ready to solder pieces together - 'branches' first and into the pickle!
I'll be back with finished photos (assuming I don't ruin them!) when they are done.
It's good to be back!

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