Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Garden Shed 'Project Redecorate' ~ The Reveal!

 It took much longer to complete than I originally planned
but I LOVE it!!!!
 Here is a link to the 'Befores'
and here is
'The Reveal'!
Here it is! My own little garden retreat fresh again! On the exterior, hubs leveled the whole shed, replaced the screen in the door and added new wide cedar trim around the doorway.  I painted all the trim and the flower box, cleaned up the garden and stuff around the shed and got a colorful zigzag mat for the entrance.
The trim is called Coastal Beige and the orangey-yellow is Honey Locust.  All the paint is Behr. I also 'pruned' my collection of rusty garden antiques for a cozy but less cluttered, junky look :).
My wrought iron table and chairs got a coat of rust resistant black spray paint.
The entire interior of the shed was painted - Coastal Beige on the walls and ceiling, Soothing Spring on the window frames, floor 'tiles' and some of the furniture and Citronella on the rafters and door.  My little table is ready again for writing, journaling, garden planning and daydreaming! The ice cream parlor chairs came from Quebec and received a fresh coat of white spray paint - they are waiting for new wood seats (hubs promised!) and are a sweet perch for guests.
A comfy wicker rocker is a peaceful spot for reading, a cup of tea, ukulele playing and snugging with our kitty!

...just for me!
I corralled my collections of birdhouses, watering cans and assorted garden bits on a couple of new shelves in the rafters.  I can see and enjoy them all but they are no longer all over the floor - yay!
I printed and framed a couple of my own photographs with inspirational quotes and placed them on the old medicine chest which also got a coat of white spray paint. Fresh garden flowers finish the vignette.
Window Box close-up.

I loved this color so much I painted the window boxes on the garage too!
 I'm so excited! I'm going to play my ukulele here this afternoon!


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