Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Crafts { and not much baking :) }

Water 'Paint' Balloon Paintings
This is just what it sounds like - water balloons filled with paint thrown at a canvas!
This was a hoot...we began with tempera paint (too watery), moved to food coloring (much better) and added acrylic ink mixed with a bit of water (the best!)

Vintage Fork Hooks
Soph was keen to make some hooks for hanging clothes in her bedroom.  She noticed some in the garden shed I had made from vintage cutlery and wanted to give it a go.  She hammered and twisted the prongs and then bent each fork using the vise on our workbench and a hammer. Spray painted in turquoise, yellow and white to match her room and drilled by hubs for mounting on the wall, she is happy and so is her mom! 

Glow Bubbles
We did a Google search to investigate the best way to create glow bubbles.  Squeezing the ink from neon highlighters and mixing it with the bubbles was said to be very effective so we decided to give that a try as well as using regular glow sticks. The highlighter 'squeezing' was messy - wearing plastic gloves is highly recommended.  We used pink, yellow, orange and green and just poured the ink right into the bubbles.  For the glow sticks, we activated them, screened out the bits of glass and poured the color in the bubbles as well.
 (Even though it is non-toxic, we suggest this be done by an adult due to the bits of glass.)
Off to the lawn we went to create our garden of bubbles.  The inks seemed to make the surface tension of the bubbles stronger and they landed and lasted all for ages.  The amount of 'glow' was pretty but less than we hoped for... the next day, in the light, the colors were fantastic!! 

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